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   Shade (animated short) Ice Cream Man Jaide Stepter, Director
   Great Poets Die... (short) Charlie Lina Suh, Director
   Untitled Mike Deak Project Scientist Mike Deak, Director
   Strangers (short) Male Stranger Peter Montgomery, Director
   The Night of the White Pants Adolphus Front Desk Clerk Amy Talkington, Director
   Hat Trick Tim Jason McAfee, Director
   Vagabond Garden Restauran Manager David Haynes, Director
   Four Story (short) Therapist / Tax Preparer Randall Scott, Director
   Captain Freedom (short) Reporter Justin Hilliard, Director
   Schism (short) Doctor Justin Hilliard, Director
   Serving Sara Blackjack Dealer Reggie Hudlin, Director
   Angus's Dance Angus Tim Newkirk, Director
   Code Name: Walküre Captain John Simms (lead) Matt Poitras, Director
   The Legend of the Ring Doctor Wheelhouse Productions
   I Am Scorpio (short) Train Commuter World Art Productions
   Final Arrangement (short) Crazy Actor Vinyl Pants Productions

Television / Web    
   Till Death do us Part (FunnyOrDie.com) Therapist Jon McPhalen, Director
   Craft Ladies (web series) Phil Ambika Leigh, Director
   Konna Hazu Dewa (Asahi TV, Japan) John F. Kennedy Teleport USA
   Unsolved History (Discovery Channel) John F. Kennedy Terminite Art Productions
   Unsolved History (Discovery Channel) John F. Kennedy Terminite Art Productions
   Actors' Place "Fields of Dreams" (DCTV) Guest Host Bruce Stewart, Director

   Conflicts available on request    

   Once Blind Stan Marshall DeSoto Corner Theater
   Plays on a Page on a Stage (Experimental) Starring Dallas Theater Center
   Don't Dress For Dinner George Tyler Civic Theater
   Arsenic and Old Lace Teddy 29 Palms Civic Theater

   On-camera Scene Study / Film Acting   Cliff Osmond
   Auditioning for Film (private study)   Toni Cobb-Brock
   Lone Star Improv - Levels 1, 2, & 3   Randy Bennett
   Film Acting Techniques - Meisner   Nancy Chartier
   Auditioning for Film / Scene Study (workshops)   Jo Edna Boldin, Ed Johnston, Shari Rhodes
   Auditioning for Commercials   Jeanne Everton, Kevin Howard
   Script Analysis   Barbara Brinkley
   Vocal Production, Accents & Dialects   Lynn Metrik
   Voice-Overs, Levels 1 & 2   Bob Michaels
   Singing for Actors   Stanley Zareff
   Improvisational Acting   Merrie Lynn Ross

Special Skills & Abilities    
Accents/Dialects: Standard British (RP), Irish, American Southern; Guitar, Singing (baritenor), Auto/Go-Kart Racing, Golf, Softball, Tennis, Inventing (U.S. Patents #5,956,248, #6,076,994, #6,459,959), Computer Programming, Electronics Design, Videography, Television Production, Technical Writing, Public Speaking, Military Training (USAF/R, SECRET clearance).

Extensive domestic and international travel. U.S. citizen with current passport.

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