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Born in Los Angeles and raised in the Inland Empire, Jon is a Californian through and through. He considers 29 Palms his home town, and loved growing up a "desert rat." In those years Jon spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature, most often hiking, sometimes riding the family horse, or on rowdy days riding his motorcycle. A favorite weekend activity was trekking up to the 49 Palms oasis with friend Hannah to enjoy breakfast at sunrise.

For as long as Jon can remember life has been about entertaining. It all started in the family garage where he staged small plays and variety shows, generally cajoling his sister and cousins into joining him to entertain the adults. In high school he played guitar and sang in a rock-n-roll band. Things changed when he saw his first real play; on that day he knew that his life would ultimately lead him to acting.

Jon's early adult years, though, were consumed by his technical side (yeah, he's a big nerd) and after honorable service in the United States Air Force he used his technical, communications, and entertainment skills to work his way through the ranks of a major American corporation, satisfying two of three life goals: 1) to travel around the world and, 2) to earn a United States patent (he has three).

With those goals out of the way Jon left the large corporate world to focus on acting and writing. While living in Dallas he met and began studying with noted acting coach Cliff Osmond. Just before leaving Dallas to return home to SoCal Jon won a role in the hit comedy, The Night of the White Pants  which stars two-time Oscar® nominee Tom Wilkinson, Frances Fisher, and Nick Stahl. It was a great experience and a thrill to work with Tom and with Frances.

After a few years in Los Angeles his best friend Cliff was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. With a strong desire to have his training codefied and put into print, Cliff asked Jon to assist in the production of "Acting is Living," a book cherished by actors and non-actors alike. Jon continued to train and spend time with Cliff until Cliff's passing in December of 2012. No single person has had the impact on Jon's personal or professional life as Cliff Osmond.

In addition to his acting work, Jon writes, shoots, and directs. In 2011 he joined the DSLR filmmaking revolution, has shot/produced several short projects, and has more in development. Jon recently helped shoot and appeared in Craft Ladies, a comic web series created by Lauren DeLong and Tiffany Anne Price.

Check me out on FunnyOrDie.com! I shot and directed -- and co-starred -- in a fun little project called "Till Death do us Part" by the amazing comic, Carlos Gonzalez. See Carlos, the gorgeous Liz Iacuzzi, and me online now!

Jon McPhalen

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